Keep your buxus healthy

After fighting Buxus Blight for many years without a consistent solution, Topbuxus was developed by the largest grower of Buxus plants in Europe. Topbuxus Health-Mix combines years of experience to bring a safe solution to nature and counters the effect of Buxus Blight in Buxus plants.

Topbuxus health-mix

Prevent and treat Buxus Blight. Increase your plant's natural resistance for greener and stronger Buxus

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Topbuxus grow

Healthy roots for strong growth and intense deep green leaves.

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Why Topbuxus?

  • Non Toxic

  • Bee and Pollinator Friendly

  • Suitable for all varieties of Buxus

  • Easy to use

Topbuxus Health-Mix

Restore & Protect your buxus plant

Topbuxus Grow

Keeping your Buxus Healthy


We use Topbuxus Health-Mix in all of our properties with Buxus hedging. Not only does it help to restore and prevent blight, which is becoming more common, but it also encourages strong green regrowth

Hamish, Green Valley Gardening

These Buxus have been a struggle to bring back since we started maintaining this property but thanks to Topbuxus, they are boosting!

Christian, Winfield Landscapes

Topbuxus Health-Mix is a fantastic product that strengthens Buxus plants. I've noticed a significant improvement in the plants' resistance to a severe existing blight issue which has been virtually eliminated. The product is safe and easy to use and has given me the confidence to retain Buxus over other alternatives