Topbuxus Health-Mix

  • TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX has been developed specially to prevent and cure Buxus Blight.
  • TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX is a foliar feed in the form of dissolvable tablet.
  • 1 tablet dissolved in 1 Litre of water is sufficient to treat 10m2 of Buxus.
  • Keep Buxus plants healthier, stronger and more resistant to diseases.
  • TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX burns the fungal spores that allows the Buxus to quickly grow new leaves, even if branch is still green but all leaves has fallen, the Buxus will fully recover.
  • Treat your Buxus monthly with TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX starting from September to May.
  • TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX is a non-toxic and bee and pollinator friendly.
  • TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX meets EC Fertiliser criteria.

Topbuxus Health-Mix How-to

When Blight is Identify

Follow the instructions for HEALTH-MIX to treat Buxus Blight. Modify the spray treatment schedule if Blight is substantial and persistent:

Week 1 – Spray the infected Buxus plant with the TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX.

Week 2 – Apply a second treatment.

After Week 2 through to the end of the season – Continue to apply the spray treatment once a month throughout the year.

Coverage Area
When 1 tablet is mixed with 1L of water, coverage is 10m2. Measure your Buxus area to determine the amount of liquid solution you will need.

Coverage Area by Product Size

10 Tablets = 100m2

40 Tablets = 400m2

100 Tablets = 1,000m2

800 Tablets = 8,000m2

Product Analysis
NPK 8-0-8 foliar spray with 6% Sulfur trioxide, 2% Magnesium oxide and micronutrients.

Shelf Life
The shelf life for the solid tablet will keep for a minimum of 3 years as long as it’s kept in its original packaging in a dry environment and out of direct sunlight. TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX can also be kept and applied at a later stage once dissolved.