The Buxus is a beautiful, evergreen, versatile plant that needs some care to ensure it stays in top condition. A beautiful Buxus hedge or a few tightly pruned topiaries give your garden a beautiful and exclusive appearance.

With the help of the following tips and points of attention, this will be a piece of cake and they will look beautiful all year round!

Planting Buxus

Buxus can be planted throughout the year but the ideal time to plant Buxus will be mid-spring (October) and mid-autumn (April) when the ground is warm with less rainfall.

For thriving Buxus, plant them in a well drain soil, rich with organic matter.

Dig a hole or a trench.

Place a plant in the planting hole or plant them next to each other in the trench. Ensure that the stems are just below the surface.

Cover the root with soil and press firmly. Add mulch on top if desired.

Give the plant plenty of water at the roots to help it be better established.

Potted Buxus

Buxus can also be kept in a pot. It is best to plant Buxus that have a root ball or that have been grown in a pot.

Make sure the pot is at least as wide as the Buxus before planting.
The Buxus growing in a pot requires to be regularly fertilised with TOPBUXUS Grow.

Make sure potted Buxus gets plenty of water, especially in dry, sunny periods. Ideally, do not place the plant in full sunlight.


Buxus is a really hungry plant that requires consistent fertilising for it to stay healthy and green all season long.

TOPBUXUS GROW is a professional Buxus fertiliser that ensures that your plants receive the correct amount of nutrition they need, so they retain their beautiful colour and can grow healthy.

TOPBUXUS GROW is a complete Buxus fertiliser and it is not necessary to add extra lime when using this special Buxus fertiliser.

Feed your Buxus 3 times per season with TOPBUXUS GROW. Spread the granules on the soil around your Buxus, once every 6-8 weeks or when the new leaves start to grow. 

DO NOT sprinkle in the crop, this can cause leaf burn.


To create a beautiful Buxus hedge or shape, it is important to prune them annually.

Prune them once before the longest day of the year is ideal. When the plant starts to grow new shoots, It will give them sufficient time to harden before the winter sets in and your Buxus will look beautiful all year round.

Use sharp clean manual or electric hedge trimmers to prune or shape your Buxus.

DO NOT prune in full sun as this can cause burning, resulting in brown leaves on your Buxus.

Clean environment

Create a clean environment around your plants for a healthy Buxus by applying mulch.

Not only does it make the Buxus aesthetically pleasing, but it also protects the base of the Buxus by preventing rainwater from splashing back up to the plants, as splashing water is a major cause of Buxus Blight. At the same time, the mulch will allow the rainwater to go through and it is less likely that puddles will form near the Buxus.


In recent years we have had a couple of very dry summers. With longer periods of drought, it is important to give the Buxus the extra water it needs at the base of the plant. Placing a dripline along the Buxus plants is also a good and simple way to water them without the risk of Buxus Blight

When water is sprayed over the plants for too long, there is a chance that Buxus Blight will appear, especially if the plants do not have a good airflow between branches and are unable to get completely dry.

Adding a layer of mulch will keep the soil airy and provide a layer of insulation so the soil does not dry out too quickly and does not require watering as much.