Topbuxus Grow

Fast acting, quick release, ALL-SEASONS fertiliser.

Healthy roots for strong growth and intense deep green leaves.

TOPBUXUS GROW is a fast acting, quick release, all-seasons granular fertiliser designed to address nutrient deficiencies in all varieties of Buxus plants for superior Buxus growth.

Spread TOPBUXUS GROW on the soil at the base of the plant, avoiding direct contact with the plant itself.

What Grow is used for

TOPBUXUS GROW granular fertiliser effectively targets nutrient deficiencies, promoting healthy roots, uniform growth, and deep green leaves while preventing and transforming yellowing and orange leaves into healthy, vibrant green foliage.

An environmentally friendly formulation ensures your Buxus stays lush and healthy

For best results, fertilise with TOPBUXUS GROW three times per season, starting as soon as new buds appear and can be apply at any time throughout the year.

TOPBUXUS GROW meets EC Fertiliser criteria.

Use TOPBUXUS GROW in conjoint with TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX for an optimum Buxus care all seasons.

Why Topbuxus

  • Non Toxic

  • Bee and Pollinator Friendly

  • Suitable for all Varieties of Buxus

  • Easy to use


Spread the granular fertiliser at the base of the plant, just beyond the drip line either on the soil or over mulch. Water in straight away for instant results as TOPBUXUS GROW is fast acting and will absorb quickly.

When and how often to apply:
Apply TOPBUXUS GROW any time of the year to boost your plants with the greening nutrients. For growth boosting, apply once every 6-8 weeks (3 times a season) as soon as you see new buds. 

Where to use:
Use on Buxus shrubs, Buxus hedges, and Buxus in pots or planters.

Coverage Area

50 grams = 1m2.
Divide this by the number of square meters to determine the amount of TOPBUXUS GROW to apply to your Buxus.

Coverage Area by Product Size

500g = 10m2

5kg = 100m2

20kg = 400m2

Product Analysis

NPK 12-1-13 including 10% Sulfur trioxide, 4% Magnesium oxide and 3% Calcium oxide.

Shelf Life

The shelf life is a minimum of 3 years. Keep the product in its original container with the lid tightly closed and keep out of direct sunlight.