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Topbuxus Grow - 20kg Bucket

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Topbuxus Grow is an all season fast acting granular fertiliser. Contains all the essential nutrients needed to promote a healthy root system and ensure strong growth and intense deep green leaves.

Topbuxus Grow is environment and pollinator friendly.

20kg covers 400m2 of Buxus.

50 grams of Topbuxus Grow is sufficient for 1m2.

Suitable for all varieties of Buxus.

Use Topbuxus Grow in conjunction with Topbuxus Health-Mix for optimum Buxus care all season.


Helps with nutrient deficiencies in all varieties of Buxus.
Healthy root system, strong growth with intense deep green leaves.

When to Apply

Apply once every 6 - 8 weeks or 3 times per growing season to ensure Buxus plants get all the nutrition they need.
Can be applied at any time throughout the year.

Buxus benefit most from fertilising in spring to promote green growth, and autumn-winter to promote root growth over winter and density in spring.

How to use

50 grams of Topbuxus Grow is sufficient for 1m².

  1. Calculate the Buxus coverage area and divide this by the number of square metres to work out how much Topbuxus Grow to apply.
  2. Spread the granular fertiliser at the base of the plant, just beyond the drip line, either on the soil or over mulch.
  3. Water in straight away for an instant result as Topbuxus Grow is fast acting and will absorb quickly.

  • Do not spread Topbuxus Grow on leaves.
  • To boost growth, apply once every 6 – 8 weeks or 3 times a season around September, November and February, as soon as you see new buds.
  • Topbuxus Grow can be applied at any time of the year.
Nutrient Information

Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus and high amounts of Calcium, Magnesium, and Sulphur.

    Topbuxus Grow 20kg bucket

    How to use

    Why Topbuxus

    • Non toxic

    • Bee and pollinator friendly

    • Suitable for all varieties of Buxus

    • Easy to use


    When is the best time to use Topbuxus Grow?

    Buxus benefit most from fertilising in spring to promote green growth or in late fall to promote root growth over winter. Apply Topbuxus Grow 3 times per season as soon as a new buds appear.

    Is it safe to use around other plants?

    Topbuxus is perfectly safe to use around any plants. The products are designed specifically to optimise Buxus nutrition but can provide secondary nutrients to other surrounding plants.

    Can I apply the fertiliser after I’ve pruned my Buxus?

    Yes. Fertilise after you have pruned to help give your Buxus a nutritional boost to enhance its regrowth and rejuvenation.

    Is Topbuxus Grow fertiliser safe to use around dogs, cats and wildlife?

    Topbuxus Grow fertiliser does not pose any health risks when applied according to the instructions. After you spread the fertiliser, water it into the soil and allow it to dry before you have your dog or cat return to the treated Buxus area.