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Topbuxus Health-Mix - 100 Tab Bucket

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Topbuxus Health-Mix is a foliar fertiliser effective in preventing and treating Buxus Blight, and contains nutrients that stimulate plant growth.

Topbuxus Health-Mix will increase your plant's natural resistance while feeding the foliage and increasing the plant's wellbeing. Treated Buxus will soon be noticeably greener and stronger looking, and the typical yellow edged leaves and dull colour will fade away.

Topbuxus Health-Mix is non-toxic, and bee and pollinator friendly.

100 tablets covers 1000m2 of Buxus.

One tablet is sufficient for a single application of 10m2 of Buxus.

Suitable for all varieties of Buxus.


Restore and prevent Buxus Blight.
Increase Buxus natural resistance and wellbeing.

When to Apply

Treat Buxus plants once a month throughout the year with off-season applications will further encourage Buxus plants to excel in spring.

How to use

One tablet of Health-Mix is enough to treat 10m² of

  1. Remove 1 tablet and drop into 1 litre of clean tap water. The tablet will take approximately 10 minutes to dissolve.
  2. Give the liquid a quick stir and pour into the sprayer.
  3. Spray the plants all over, paying special attention to any sick looking parts. Try to spray into the centre of each Buxus to ensure any hidden Blight spores are covered.
  4. Give your plants a second dose one week after the initial spray.
  5. Spray once every 4 weeks throughout the year. 


  • It is most effective to spray Topbuxus Health-Mix in mild and dry weather.
  • Do not use Topbuxus Health-Mix if the temperature is over 25°C or when frost is present. 
Nutrient Information

Nitrogen, Magnesium, Potassium and other micronutrients.

    Topbuxus Health-Mix 100 tablets bucket

    How to use

    Why Topbuxus

    • Non toxic

    • Bee and pollinator friendly

    • Suitable for all varieties of Buxus

    • Easy to use


    Is it safe to use around other plants?

    Topbuxus is perfectly safe to use around any plants. The products are designed specifically to optimise Buxus nutrition but can provide secondary nutrients to other surrounding plants.

    Can I spray my plants after I have just trimmed them?

    Yes, you can. Spraying after trimming will protect the wounds against infection. However, in summer, it is best to spray the TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX in the early morning, late evening, or during the day at temperatures 25℃ or below.

    How long till you see results with Topbuxus Health-Mix?

    Customers typically report seeing a change around the 2–4-week mark. However, this is dependent on plant health and time of year. If the plants condition is extremely poor, it might take a bit longer to see results. Also, if temperatures are consistently below 25℃ (eg. Late Autumn, and Winter), visible changes may not be seen till the temperature consistently increases.

    Once I’ve made up my Topbuxus Health-Mix solution, how long will it keep for?

    There’s no defined period but you’ll be fine to keep it a couple of weeks, although it may need stirring or shaking when you come to use it again. If the mixture becomes ‘lumpy’ or solidifies in anyway we would advise you dispose of it as it is likely to block your sprayer nozzle.